Science-Fiction January 4th

Primordia: In Search of the Lost World by Greig BeckPrimordia: In Search of the Lost World by Greig Beck

$4.99 (Also on KindleUnlimited)

Ben Cartwright, former soldier, home to mourn the loss of his father stumbles upon cryptic letters from the past between the author, Arthur Conan Doyle and his great, great grandfather who vanished while exploring the Amazon jungle in 1908.

Amazingly, these letters lead Ben to believe that his ancestor’s expedition was the basis for Doyle’s fantastical tale of a lost world inhabited by long extinct creatures. As Ben digs some more he finds clues to the whereabouts of a lost notebook that might contain a map to a place that is home to creatures that would rewrite everything known about history, biology and evolution.

But other parties now know about the notebook, and will do anything to obtain it. For Ben and his friends, it becomes a race against time and against ruthless rivals.

In the remotest corners of Venezuela, along winding river trails known only to lost tribes, and through near impenetrable jungle, Ben and his novice team find a forbidden place more terrifying and dangerous than anything they could ever have imagined.

Romance-New-Adult January 4th

Crash Into Us by Shana VanterpoolCrash Into Us by Shana Vanterpool

$2.99 (Also available on KindleUnlimited)

They met when they were kids. They were friends, lovers, and then husband and wife.
They were supposed to be together forever.  He was her Superman. She was his happiness.

And then he went pro. And she doubted something that was supposed to be forever.
Mistakes were made in exchange for dreams, and hearts were shattered. Their forever crumbled right before their eyes.

For years they went separate ways, until her Superman falls from the sky.


Romance-Contemporary January 4th

What You Want by Kimberly SmithWhat You Want by Kimberly Smith

$2.99 (Also available on KindleUnlimited)

You can have what you want.

Jackson is every bit the man intended for an Alpha male romance and Victoria is the perfect African American fiction heroine. The essence of any good romantic love story is the journey from the introduction to the conclusion, of course, it doesn’t hurt to fill it with desire, enticing romance, and sex. Experience the exciting contemporary romance, “What You Want.”


Romance-Inspirational January 4th

Starting Over In Oregon by Christina HensleyStarting Over In Oregon by Christina Hensley

$0.99 (Also available on KindleUnlimited)

Chloe Simmons just landed her first job as a newly qualified graphic designer. But it means starting over, moving herself and her seven-year-old son, Jordan, from the small town they have only ever known in Minnesota to the bright city lights of Portland, Oregon. It’s been hard for Chloe raising her son alone, since her marriage to Rick imploded. But she’s strong. She’s got this… hasn’t she? But Jordan is acting up at his new school. His teacher recommends that he receive school counselling. Chloe agrees, and suddenly finds herself connecting in a way that she never envisioned with Adam Barnes, the handsome school counselor. Adam holds pain of his own from his past. It’s why he always goes the extra mile for the students. He’s finding it hard to remain professional with the attractive single mom who has just moved across the country. Will Chloe lower her guard and go out with him? But then an incident occurs, one that threatens everything that Chloe holds dear. Can Adam convince her he can help her through it? Or will she decide that it’s all too hard, leaving his life forever?

New City. New Life… New Love?


Mystery-Thriller Thanksgiving 2017

Cranberry Glazed Murder by Susan GillardCranberry Glazed Murder by Susan Gillard

$2.99 (Also on KindleUnlimited )

Heather is proud when her friend Jamie opens up a mobile pet grooming business, but it soon leads to a mystery. When a doting owner never shows to pick up her dog, they are concerned. When the owner’s body is found strangled, Heather realizes she has a killer to catch. However, as she discovers more of the owner’s secrets, she realizes that the only clue she can be certain of is the canine companion. Was the owner leading a double life? And which one led to her death? Armed with her Cranberry Glazed Donuts and some furry friends, Heather sets out to find some answers.

Join Heather as she digs up the truth!