Literary May 22nd

Lyla (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Sean Dietrich


Set during the Great Depression, on the upper coast of Florida, this touching story is dripping with the sepia tones of Old-South culture. It is about growing up in an achingly anguished household and finding a way to survive. A stirring memoir that delivers the reader to a harsh world that is captivating, at times shocking, and triumphant.

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Romance-Inspirational May 22nd

Beach Rental: An Emerald Isle, NC Novel (#1) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Grace Greene


On the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, in the small town of Emerald Isle…

Juli Cooke, hard-working and getting nowhere fast, marries a dying man, Ben Bradshaw, for a financial settlement, not expecting he will set her on a journey of hope and love. The journey brings her to Luke Winters, a local art dealer, but Luke resents the woman who married his sick friend and warns her not to hurt Ben—and he’s watching to make sure she doesn’t.

Until Ben dies and the stakes change.

Framed by the timelessness of the Atlantic Ocean and the brilliant blue of the beach sky, Juli struggles against her past, the opposition of Ben’s and Luke’s families, and even the living reminder of her marriage—to build a future with hope and perhaps to find the love of her life—if she can survive the danger from her past.

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Science-Fiction May 22nd

Tyrant: The Rise (Kindle Edition)

By (author): L. Douglas Hogan


Follow Nathan, Jess, Denny, and others as they struggle through a post-apocalyptic America, where the only law is martial!
Their struggles take them from the comforts of their southern Illinois homestead, to the brutal realities of an America, where liberty is no longer a right, and survival is of the fittest.

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Romance-New-Adult May 22nd

Taken by You (Taken by You Book One) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): M.L. Young


All I wanted was an internship. I never thought I’d end up dating a billionaire.

Penelope Wells is about to start her last semester in college and dreams of working at a large tech company in San Francisco. When her best friend and roommate, Nicolette, scores her an internship interview at RandomMeetX, a multibillion-dollar singles app, she couldn’t be more thrilled. But when she goes in for her interview, her life changes forever.

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Romance-General May 22nd

Going Home (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Laurencia Hoffman


A decade after their teenage romance ended, Katie, the only woman that Eli has ever loved, comes to town for their high school reunion. Stirring feelings of nostalgia and regret, Eli and Katie are given a second chance. Will they rediscover the relationship they once had, or will they find that they were better off apart?

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Release date May 15, 2018.

Romance-Suspense May 22nd

Harmony (The Club Girl Diaries Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Addison Jane


Harmony makes no excuses for who she is or what she’s done. For the past few years she’s been living as a club girl for the Brothers by Blood MC. The club girls are there for a purpose – to cook, to clean and to keep the men happy. She respects the club, respects the men and she follows the rules. Watching the men walk in and out of her life is strangely comforting, and a feeling she’s grown accustomed to. With a history of disappointments and false promises, all she wants is to have fun, play music and finish college. Being associated with the club, she can do that without having to risk her heart. That was until he showed up.

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Romance-New-Adult May 15th

Declan Reede: The Complete Untold Story (Racing Hearts Saga Book 7) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Michelle Irwin


Declan needs to get his head back in the game, whatever it takes, even if that means confronting past conflicts, healing past wounds, and finally learning to grow the f@#k up. Contains books 1-6 of the Racing Hearts Saga. Find out more in this second chance romance filled with hope, hurt, and a unique Aussie flavour that contains the complete story of Declan and Alyssa.

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Romance-Paranormal May 13th

Marked (Servants of Fate Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Sarah Fine


In a broken landscape carved by environmental collapse, Boston paramedic Cacia Ferry risks life and limb on the front lines of a fragile and dangerous city. What most don’t know—including her sexy new partner, Eli Margolis—is that while Cacy works to save lives, she has another job ferrying the dead to the Afterlife. Once humans are “Marked” by Fate, the powerful Ferrys are called to escort the vulnerable souls to either eternal bliss or unending fire and pain.

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Romance-Suspense May 13th

Taken by the Shifters (Black Oak Shifters Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Lola Kidd


Curvy Elle Quinn is beyond delighted to meet the man of her dreams on a lazy day at the farmer’s market. Tall, dark and handsome Luke Rivers is equally smitten with Elle. The two can’t keep their hands off each other from the minute they meet.
Too bad their pleasure is cut short when a figure from Elle’s past whisks her away from Luke. Elle is about to come face-to-face with a shocking revelation about her past. The most difficult part of all is that it doesn’t just affect her but also her burgeoning relationship with Luke. Can their explosive connection survive the blast from her past or will the shocking news tear them apart?

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Mystery-Thriller May 13th

Knee Deep (Cam Derringer Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Mac Fortner


Cam Derringer, Key Wests wildest P.I., searches for the men who murdered his wife four years ago. The trail is getting colder until a beautiful and powerful woman shows up and works her way into Cam’s life. She lies to him about everything from her name to her game but seems to be guiding him toward his goal. Follow Cam through his worst nightmare to his eventual understanding of how sometimes things aren’t as they seem. An action-packed adventure of love and murder.

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Science-Fiction May 13th

Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall (Kindle Edition)

By (author): William Allen


Sixteen year old Luke was trapped in Chicago when the lights went out and civilization began to unravel. Determined to get home to his family, Luke begins a thousand mile odyssey that will show him the depths of human depravity while also giving him a chance at redemption.

In an abandoned house in Missouri, Luke makes a discovery that changes the way he acts and feels as the suffering of another forces him to fight yet again. Luke is already haunted by what he has seen, and he fears what is yet to come as he takes on a partner in his travels.

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Fantasy May 13th

Forging Divinity (The War of Broken Mirrors Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Andrew Rowe


Some say that in the city of Orlyn, godhood is on sale to the highest bidder. Thousands flock to the city each year, hoping for a chance at immortality.

Lydia Hastings is a knowledge sorcerer, capable of extracting information from anything she touches. When she travels to Orlyn to validate the claims of the local faith, she discovers a conspiracy that could lead to a war between the world’s three greatest powers. At the focal point is a prisoner who bears a striking resemblance to the long-missing leader of the pantheon she worships.

Rescuing the prisoner would require risking her carefully cultivated cover – but his execution could mean the end of everything Lydia holds dear.

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Nonfiction May 13th

I Was Geeky When Geeky Wasn’t Cool (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Marc Allie


Inside this book are my most vivid memories of being a weird, nerdy kid. Some of these stories detail the different crazes I threw myself into, ranging from comic book heroes and form-shifting robots to Dungeons & Dragons and pop music. Some of these tales are about trying hard to fit in and be “normal”. A healthy dollop of nostalgia flavors all these anecdotes of what it was like growing up geeky in the 80s.

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Horror May 13th

The Ghost of Tobacco Road (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Dale Young


On the banks of the Skeleton River in a remote part of North Carolina lies the town of Starlight. Like most small towns in America, Starlight has seen better days. Once known for its tobacco fields and rural Southern charm, the stores on Main Street are now boarded up, and many of the residents have left town for good.

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Adventure-Travel May 13th

Cape Town to Kruger: Backpacker Adventures in South Africa and Swaziland (Round the World Travel Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

By (author): John Dwyer


This is more Than Just a Travel Journal

Through his engaging writing and sense of humor, the author takes you on an unforgettable journey through the spectacular scenery and tribal cultures of the “Rainbow Nation”. He also offers an in-depth look at the history of apartheid and its effects on the people of South Africa. Sprinkled with quotes from Nelson Mandela’s book, “Long Walk to Freedom”, this is the inspirational story of a proud and determined country.

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