Kin Selection by L.B. Gilbert & Lucy LerouxKin Selection by L.B. Gilbert // Lucy Leroux

Saving a wolf cub from an animal-testing facility changes everything for Denise Hammond, a feisty and dedicated animal activist. Determined to protect the innocent pup, she’s shocked when the cub shifts into a toddler right before her eyes.

Yogi, a wolf shifter, is bound by honor to keep his species’ existence a secret. He kidnaps Denise and takes her to the cub’s family to make her prove her trustworthiness. Knowing a hellion with curves likes hers is the ultimate temptation for the other males in his pack, Yogi stays close to Denise, fighting to keep his desire for her under control. But she just might ignite the animal within him.

AUTHOR NOTE: Please note this title is cross-listed between my two pen names as later books in the series will be published under both. Those with Lucy Leroux as the primary author will contain explicit content and those with L.B. Gilbert first will not.