Literary January 31st

Crossing Over

By (author):  Paul Clayton


The chaos and violence of the second American civil war arrives in Mike McNerney’s town when knife-wielding thugs invade his home. He, his wife, and their disabled daughter, take to their camper to find refuge in Canada. Along the way they evade roving criminal gangs and warring militias. They finally reach the border only to find a large encampment of others, desperate to cross over to safety. With their money almost gone, an unscrupulous immigration official offers to usher them through … but will they pay his obscene price?

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Release date: December 26, 2018.

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Literary January 24th

A Beautiful Voice (Jake Travis Book 6)

By (author):  Robert Lane


IT WAS MEANT TO BE A QUIET ASSIGNMENT—HOW DID IT GO SO WRONG? Jake Travis is ordered to smuggle ashore an accountant who can help place a notorious drug lord behind bars. Stash him in a cottage. Arouse no suspicion. But the man unexpectedly arrives with his wife and three young children. Within days, the children are missing. Jake suspects what he had been told about his passengers was not entirely true. He is labeled a failure and is dismissed from the case.

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