Mystery-Thriller Thanksgiving 2017

Cranberry Glazed Murder by Susan GillardCranberry Glazed Murder by Susan Gillard

$2.99 (Also on KindleUnlimited )

Heather is proud when her friend Jamie opens up a mobile pet grooming business, but it soon leads to a mystery. When a doting owner never shows to pick up her dog, they are concerned. When the owner’s body is found strangled, Heather realizes she has a killer to catch. However, as she discovers more of the owner’s secrets, she realizes that the only clue she can be certain of is the canine companion. Was the owner leading a double life? And which one led to her death? Armed with her Cranberry Glazed Donuts and some furry friends, Heather sets out to find some answers.

Join Heather as she digs up the truth!