Adventure-Travel October 2nd

Dead Heading: A Sam Savage Sky Marshal Thriller (Kindle Edition)

By (author):  Vincent Zandri


When an unassuming, but attractive woman boards a plane for Italy, the last thing she’s thinking about is falling in love. Yet, that’s what happens when she meets the Sky Marshal, Sam Savage. Dressed in his worn leather coat, Levis jeans, and boots, he looks more like an adventurer than a lawman. But Sam Savage is also a prolific lover, as he proves to Mary when he invites her to join the infamous Mile High Club.

However, when the plane comes suddenly under attack by a pair of ISIS terrorists bent on skyjacking the plane to Yemen, or else detonate two separate bombs they’ve smuggled on board, any semblance of love and fun are quickly tossed out the window. Not only is the flight about to be blown out of the sky, but the only person who can stop the terrorists from succeeding in their grisly mission is Sam Savage himself.

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