Science-Fiction October 28th

Apocalyptic Beginnings Box Set: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Filled Box Set (Kindle Edition)

By (author):  M.D. Massey, Marilyn Peake, Annie Walls, Kate L. Mary, Rissa Blakeley, EE Isherwood, Alathia Morgan, A.D. Popovich, Ana Nix, Derek Shupert, Rachel Aukes, R.G. Westerman , Zach Bohannon


The Reanimated Writers Present – Apocalyptic Beginnings

Collecting 13 of the best zombie novels into one massive box set! Over 1 million words and billions of zombies! featuring the works of:

M.D. Massey, Marilyn Peake, Annie Walls, Kate L. Mary, Rissa Blakeley,

Alathia Paris Morgan, E.E. Isherwood, A.D. Popovich, Rachel Aukes,

Ana Nix, Derek Shupert, R.G. Westerman, Zach Bohannon

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