Science-Fiction March 18th

Capital Starship by Scott BartlettCapital Starship by Scott Bartlett

$2.99 (Also available on KindleUnlimited)

The Ixa smashed the galaxy to bits before they were defeated. Captain Husher has sounded the alarm in the decades since: the Ixa’s creators will return to finish the job. But unlike Husher, the galactic government didn’t battle the Ixa, and the politicians have convinced themselves that maintaining peace means limiting the ability to wage war.

Now, the enemy has returned, with high-tech weapons that prove they haven’t limited their own combat capabilities in the slightest. If Captain Husher and his beleaguered supercarrier crew can’t manage to stop the invaders, they will happily devour the galaxy whole.


Science-Fiction February 25th

REV: REV Warriors Book 1 by T.R. HarrisREV: REV Warriors Book 1 by T.R. Harris


They made him SUPER HUMAN.
Now what do they do with him?

The REV Series was designed for the fans of T.R. Harris and his other popular space opera series The Human Chronicles Saga, featuring the larger-than-life hero Adam Cain. If you like stories about super Humans, large scale military operations against deadly aliens, mech warriors and just plain old shoot-em-up science fiction adventure, then REV is for you.