Romance-Inspirational January 4th

Starting Over In Oregon by Christina HensleyStarting Over In Oregon by Christina Hensley

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Chloe Simmons just landed her first job as a newly qualified graphic designer. But it means starting over, moving herself and her seven-year-old son, Jordan, from the small town they have only ever known in Minnesota to the bright city lights of Portland, Oregon. It’s been hard for Chloe raising her son alone, since her marriage to Rick imploded. But she’s strong. She’s got this… hasn’t she? But Jordan is acting up at his new school. His teacher recommends that he receive school counselling. Chloe agrees, and suddenly finds herself connecting in a way that she never envisioned with Adam Barnes, the handsome school counselor. Adam holds pain of his own from his past. It’s why he always goes the extra mile for the students. He’s finding it hard to remain professional with the attractive single mom who has just moved across the country. Will Chloe lower her guard and go out with him? But then an incident occurs, one that threatens everything that Chloe holds dear. Can Adam convince her he can help her through it? Or will she decide that it’s all too hard, leaving his life forever?

New City. New Life… New Love?