Literary (Women’s Fiction) March 25th

Simple Truth by Carol Bodensteiner Simple Truth by Carol Bodensteiner

$4.99 (Also on KindleUnlimited)

Angela Darrah is a pro when it comes to pitching client stories to the media. But when she suspects her client is exploiting immigrant workers, she’s forced to face her own prejudices and to examine herself in ways she never imagined.


Romance-Erotic March 25th

Guitar God by Lindy S. HudisGuitar God: The Boys in the Band Part 1 by Lindy S. Hudis

$1.99 (Also on KindleUnlimited)

Diego Ortega: The wild, sexy rock guitar legend with the raunchy strut, long onyx hair and dazzling soulful eyes. Diego has it all! A life in the fast lane, parties, booze, drugs, power and sex. However, the bright lights can’t erase the price he paid on the raw, lonely road to rock and roll super-stardom. Fates collide. As the music blasts to a climax, one deranged and obsessed fan and her secret, rage filled vendetta will trap each and every one of them in its sudden, murderous heat.


Mystery-Thriller March 25th

City of Toys by Lindy S. HudisCity of Toys by Lindy S. Hudis

$1.99 (Also on KindleUnlimited)

Four beautiful women seek fame and fortune in Hollywood, the City of Toys, where actresses are like dolls, playing pretend on the big screen. Marlo, Rhonda, Kim, and Guyla, become friends living in the same apartment complex, in the city where dreams and disasters go hand-in-hand. They come to rely on each other as they deal with sexual come-ons, crazed stalkers, and the constant pressure of trying to make it in showbiz. But when the pressure gets too much, will their friendship save them?


Horror March 25th

The Carnival of the Night by Nicholas CareyThe Carnival of the Night by Nicholas Carey

$2.99 (Also on KindleUnlimited)

Some call it purgatory, others know it as the in-between, but for those poor souls who are trapped there eternally, it is simply The Carnival — a macabre mockery where night is never-ending, and a sadistic creature known as The Fool reigns unchallenged.

And The Fool has one rule: No one leaves The Carnival. Ever.


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