Romance-Paranormal August 15th

Dragon's Desire by Cecilia LaneDragon’s Desire by Cecilia Lane

$0.99 (was $2.99) (KindleUnlimited)

Cursed nearly a century ago by a demon, Quinn has waited impatiently to feel the sense of his mate in his head. Following the instincts of his inner dragon, Quinn lands in London only to discover the woman destined to break his curse is working for his enemies.


Romance-Contemporary August 6th

Heart of a Prince by Carol MoncadoHeart of a Prince by Carol Moncado

$3.99 (KindleUnlimited)

Canadian Jordan Haines is on vacation in the Caribbean. After the summer he’s had, a couple months of fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. What he didn’t count on was meeting a beautiful woman on a private beach – or falling hard.

Crown Princess Astrid of San Majoria seems to lead a charmed life. Just like everyone, there’s tragedy in her past, but she lives in a palace, has aides to do everything – and paparazzi hounding her private moments. Her sanctuary on her family’s beach is broken one day when a tired windsurfer takes refuge in her cove – and works his way into her heart.

But it’s just a summer fling, isn’t it? After all, Jordan will be returning to Canada before long, won’t he?

When pictures of the two of them, and what looks like an engagement ring, appear in the tabloids, they have to deal with fallout – and the beginnings of a real relationship. Secrets kept become hearts broken as they try to discover if Jordan really has the heart of a prince.


Science-Fiction (Dark) August 6th

Glory Box: Road to Babylon by Sam SisavathGlory Box: Road to Babylon by Sam Sisavath

$3.99 (KindleUnlimited)

It’s been six years since a terrifying breed of seemingly unkillable creatures emerged from the darkness to topple the unprepared governments of the world, in the process knocking mankind down the food chain.

Survivors called it The Purge.

A few brave souls rose from the ashes of the old world to fight back, often against overwhelming odds. Led by indomitable heroes, they risked everything to achieve a final, stunning victory over the supernatural “ghouls” in The Battle of Houston.

Five years later, what remains of the ghouls have fled back into the shadows, and humanity now resides in isolated communities in relative peace. But human ambition and greed have also survived, and with no laws to stop those willing to pursue them, it’s every man for himself.

Keo, one of the unknown heroes of The Battle of Houston, has found serenity in a small town in Texas. But he will discover that a violent past is not so easily cast aside when a madman rises to dominate those around him, and in the process shatters Keo’s new life.

It’s a brave new world, but monsters still exist—and thrive. And where there are evil deeds, good people must rise to stem the tide…on the Road to Babylon.


Mystery-Thriller August 6th

Cartel by Matt RogersCartel by Matt Rogers

$3.99 (KindleUnlimited)

June, 2007. Black Force — a new division of the U.S. military that officially does not exist — has its first operative. Jason King, a young prodigy who accelerated up through the ranks at an unprecedented rate, is tasked with proving his worth as a solo warrior.

In Mexico, Joaquín Ramos has made a name for himself out of the blood of his enemies. The twenty-eight-year-old cartel leader hacked a path through anyone who dared to interfere with his newfound monopoly on the billion-dollar online drug trade, capitalising on the archaic nature of the existing empire in Tijuana.

He’s new school.  So is King.

With doubts swirling amongst those who know of Black Force’s existence, King heads into the city’s decrepit underworld alone, intent on tearing the cartel apart from the inside. Still largely inexperienced, it doesn’t take long for his plans to fall to pieces…

Outnumbered. Outgunned…… Just the way he likes it.


Fantasy August 6th

Mortal Heir by Emma L. AdamsMortal Heir by Emma L. Adams

$2.99 (KindleUnlimited)

Changeling. Thief. Mortal heir in a world of treacherous immortals.

Raine Warren, half-faerie changeling and master thief, wants nothing to do with the family who abandoned her in the human realm as a child. But when Faerie comes knocking, claiming she’s descended from Sidhe nobility, she’s handed an unexpected legacy. One catch: it comes in the form of a sceptre containing dark power coveted—and feared—by every faerie court, and no instruction manual.

Now her name’s on every hit list in Faerie, and the other Sidhe will do anything to take her off the playing field… permanently. Her last hope is to strike a deal with a charming thief with his own agenda and his own plans for the sceptre. On the run from assassins and hunted by the most powerful faeries in both realms, embracing the dangerous magic of Faerie might be Raine’s only means of survival.


Children (Teen) August 6th

On the Sidelines by Grace WilkinsonOn the Sidelines by Grace Wilkinson

$2.99 (KindleUnlimited)

Too much is changing for Sybil, and moving yards is the final straw. But three-star event rider Rose Holloway isn’t what Sybil was expecting, and despite initial reservations, she warms to Rose, if only for the sake of her pony, Jupiter. Maybe change won’t be so bad after all…
But after a disastrous event, Sybil’s plans are ruined, and a summer of eventing is no longer on the cards, leaving her on the sidelines as her friends move on to FEI ponies.
A flighty and sensitive pony arrives at the yard to be sold. The mare is everything Jupiter is not, and certainly not the kind of pony Sybil would have ever thought of riding, but she accepts Rose’s offer to help train her, though Sybil doubts whether she is up to the challenge.


Romance-Paranormal August 6th

Fire Planet Warrior's Baby by Calista SkyeFire Planet Warrior’s Baby by Calista Skye

$0.99 ($2.99) (KindleUnlimited)

Nobody wants to fall out of their own shuttle and plummet towards an alien moon, where repulsive and lethal alien monsters are waiting. But pilot Charlotte Taylor is more concerned about the alien warrior who’s falling along with her. Cori’ax is the most attractive male she’s seen, but he’s been ice cold to her since they shared a sizzling hot night together. If she knew about the plot Cori’ax is involved in, she might be even more worried, not least because she’s pretty sure she’s pregnant…


Mystery-Thriller July 23rd

The American's Cousin by Julie HighmoreThe American’s Cousin by Julie Highmore

$2.99 (KindleUnlimited)

A twisty and gripping psychological thriller that keeps you guessing. THE AMERICAN’S COUSIN combines wit and suspense, in a dark and unsettling first case for investigator Edie Fox − one that blurs the professional and the personal with terrifying results.


Science-Fiction July 23rd

Red Gambit by Luke R. MitchellRed Gambit by Luke R. Mitchell

$3.99 ($13.99 print) (KindleUnlimited)

RED GAMBIT is the first book in the Harvesters Series, an alien invasion adventure set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Think HALO meets DRESDEN FILES, with STAR WARS flavored sprinkles. Fans of Michael Anderle, Lindsay Buroker, and Chris Fox will love this series for its “fast-paced adventure,” “compelling characters,” and “wonderfully wise-cracking dialogue.”


Children (Teen – Young Adult) July 23rd

First Command by Alex LidellFirst Command by Alex Lidell

$0.99 (KindleUnlimited)

Master and Commander meets Sarah J Maas in a seafaring adventure of duty, love, magic, and a princess’s quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms.

Born to privilege, called to service, trained for command, seventeen-year-old Lieutenant Nile Greysik finally gets the chance to prove herself a leader. As she takes charge of a captured enemy ship, her orders will take her through hostile waters and stormy seas with a hold full of prisoners, a skeptical crew, and a handsome first mate whose every move undermines her confidence.

To navigate to safe harbor, Nile must earn the crew’s trust . . . but first she must dare to trust herself.

FIRST COMMAND is a prequel novella in Alex Lidell’s TIDES series. Recommended for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Tamora Pierce, and Naomi Novik.


Horror July 23rd

Midnight Sun by Ramsey CampbellMidnight Sun by Ramsey Campbell


Ben Stirling is a quiet, young boy with a morbid past. He has run away from his aunt’s house where he lives in search of the real truth about what happened to his grandfather, and his family… As he struggles to fit in both at home with his strict aunt and at school with the bullies, he eventually meets the similarly reclusive young boy, Dominic. In Dominic, Ben finds someone else who is enamoured with the world of books. Together they foster each other’s imaginations and provide the friendship they both need. In his adult years, Ben inherits the ancestral home. He and his family decide to move in… unaware of the strange stories concerning those who stray too close to the nearby woods at night. Ben is increasingly drawn to Sterling Forest — extensive pinewoods planted around the ancient oak grove where his great-grandfather was found dead so many years before. Edward Sterling had previously been exploring the icy wastes of the far north, where shamans were said to practise ancient rituals to keep the midnight sun shining over their desolate land. Found naked and snowblind in this distant wilderness, he had been returned to his wife… but died soon afterwards. Now, three generations later, Ben unwittingly sets loose an awesome power, and soon the entire countryside falls into the grip of ice and blizzards. He is soon ready for what he’d been awaiting his whole life…


Fantasy July 23rd

Shardai by Sandra CoxShardai by Sandra Cox

$0.99 ($2.99) (KindleCountdown) (KindleUnlimited)

Shadai is a large sleek cat with attitude. He has the courage of a tiger and the disdain of a king. The fearless feline has ony one weakness…his guardian. He would do anything, even come back from the afterlife, for her.