Romance-Paranormal August 15th

Dragon's Desire by Cecilia LaneDragon’s Desire by Cecilia Lane

$0.99 (was $2.99) (KindleUnlimited)

Cursed nearly a century ago by a demon, Quinn has waited impatiently to feel the sense of his mate in his head. Following the instincts of his inner dragon, Quinn lands in London only to discover the woman destined to break his curse is working for his enemies.


Romance-Paranormal August 6th

Fire Planet Warrior's Baby by Calista SkyeFire Planet Warrior’s Baby by Calista Skye

$0.99 ($2.99) (KindleUnlimited)

Nobody wants to fall out of their own shuttle and plummet towards an alien moon, where repulsive and lethal alien monsters are waiting. But pilot Charlotte Taylor is more concerned about the alien warrior who’s falling along with her. Cori’ax is the most attractive male she’s seen, but he’s been ice cold to her since they shared a sizzling hot night together. If she knew about the plot Cori’ax is involved in, she might be even more worried, not least because she’s pretty sure she’s pregnant…