Mystery-Thriller August 6th

Cartel by Matt RogersCartel by Matt Rogers

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June, 2007. Black Force — a new division of the U.S. military that officially does not exist — has its first operative. Jason King, a young prodigy who accelerated up through the ranks at an unprecedented rate, is tasked with proving his worth as a solo warrior.

In Mexico, Joaquín Ramos has made a name for himself out of the blood of his enemies. The twenty-eight-year-old cartel leader hacked a path through anyone who dared to interfere with his newfound monopoly on the billion-dollar online drug trade, capitalising on the archaic nature of the existing empire in Tijuana.

He’s new school.  So is King.

With doubts swirling amongst those who know of Black Force’s existence, King heads into the city’s decrepit underworld alone, intent on tearing the cartel apart from the inside. Still largely inexperienced, it doesn’t take long for his plans to fall to pieces…

Outnumbered. Outgunned…… Just the way he likes it.